The Quds Force chief was assassinated in a U.S. airstrike in Baghdad on January 3, 2020.

A highlight of the program is the 4th edition of the Divine Commander Theater Festival, which will commence on January 4, 2023, at his grave in the Shohada Cemetery of Kerman, his hometown.

The Association of the Revolution and Sacred Defense Theater and the Revayat Foundation launched the festival in 2020 to present General Soleimani’s character, morale, and his method of management to provide a role model for the younger generations.

A poster of the fourth edition of the festival was unveiled during a special ceremony on Wednesday by the organizations.

Fajr International Theater Festival president Kurosh Zarei, who attended the ceremony, said that the winners of the Divine Commander Theater Festival will also be performed during the Fajr festival, which will be held in late January 2023.

He said that several other plays on General Soleimani will be presented during the Fajr festival.

The entries to the Divine Commander Theater Festival, which will run until January 10, will be performed in the provincial capitals across the country.

The Iran Book and Literature House also plans to hold a review session for the book “The Hajji Qassem Whom I Know: Narratives about a 40-Year Friendship” by General Soleimani’s comrade Hojjatoleslam Ali Shirazi.

Writers Saied Allamian and Javad Kalateh-Arabi will attend the session, which will take place this evening at the house.

In this book, Shirazi recounts numerous stories from the long friendship, which began in 1982 when Shirazi joined the volunteers in the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war in Hamidieh, a town located near Ahvaz.

The Rudaki Foundation will also pay tribute to General Soleimani by organizing the Soldier Narrative Anthem Festival on January 1.

Seven groups have been selected to perform during the one-day festival. A jury comprising Hassan Riahi, Hadi Arazm and Mohammad Mirzamni will pick a top group during the event's closing ceremony.

The Owj Arts and Media Organization is organizing a theatrical performance entitled “Jan-Fada” (The Dedicated”) at Tehran’s Velayat Park in memory of General Soleimani. 

The performance, which focuses on the life story of General Soleimani, will run until January 15.

The Maktab-e Hajji Qassem Publications is holding a reading competition for the poetry book “Sarbaznameh” (“Book of Soldiers”).

The book carries a long poem composed by Afshin Ala in memory of General Soleimani in 2021.

Source:Tehran Times