The meeting was organized at the Embassy of Iran in appreciation of the efforts made by the Turkish writers, translators and publishers to produce materials about the Quds Force chief who was assassinated in a U.S. airstrike in Baghdad on January 3, 2020, the embassy announced on Friday.

Fazil Agis, writer of “Human Rights in Secularism and Islam”, called Soleimani an outstanding figure of the Islamic contemporary world, and said, “He was really a guardian of the Islamic Revolution and turned into an unforgettable legend in the way of struggling against global arrogance and Zionism.”

Ali Akin Caba was another Turkish writer who was in attendance at the meeting.

“In fact, we knew General Soleiamni better after his martyrdom; he was like a perfume bottle, which scented all the world,” said Caba, the writer of “Imam Hussein on the Road to Karbala”.

Turkish poet Mehmet Mavi also recited a poem on General Soleimani. 

The report did not mention the names of publishers attending the meeting.

According to the report, Turkish publishers have so far published 40 titles about resistance and General Soleimani.

The books have been showcased during local and international exhibitions organized across the country.  

Among the books is “The Hajji Qassem Whom I Know: Narratives about a 40-Year Friendship” written by Soleimani’s comrade Hojjatoleslam Ali Shirazi.

Aykut Pazarbasi, a Turkish scholar of Persian literature, is the translator of the book published by the Istanbul-based publisher Feta under the title “Benim Tanidigim Haci Kasim”.

In 2020, the publisher also released “The Soldiers of the Commander”, a book by Iranian writer Morteza Keramati about Soleimani’s relationship with his soldiers.

Translated by Pazarbasi, the book was published under the title “Haci Kasim Suleymani ve Harem Savunuculari” (“Hajji Qassem Soleimani and Harem Defenders”).

“Our Happy Comrade” (“Bizim Bahtiyar Dostumuz”), a book on Soleimani’s valor by Iranian writer Abdolmajid Karami was published by Israk in Turkish in 2020.


Source:Tehran Times