In 1920, the Russian writer Isaac Babel wanders the countryside with the Red Cavalry. 

Seventy years later, a mysterious KGB agent spies on a woman in Dresden and falls in love. In 2010, an aircraft carrying most of the Polish government crashes in the Russian city of Smolensk. 

Set in Russia over the course of ninety years, this thrilling and epic new play by Joseph traces the stories of seven men and women connected by history, myth and conspiracy theories.

Joseph won an Obie Award for Best New American Play for “Describe the Night”. He was named a finalist for the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for his play “Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo”.

His “Gruesome Playground Injuries” has previously been published in Persian.

Iranian director Danial Khojasteh staged “Accident Prone” in 2017 at the Iranian Artists Forum (IAF) in Tehran based on an adaptation of the play.

Source:Tehran Times