Originally published in 1961, the book has been rendered into Persian by Hamed Vahdatinasab and Sorur Khorashadi. Nedaye Tarikh is the publisher of the Persian edition.

This book delves into both classic and current research in the field, reflecting a commitment to anthropology's holistic and integrative approach. 

It illuminates how the four core subfields of anthropology – biological anthropology, archaeology, linguistics and cultural anthropology – together yield a comprehensive understanding of humanity. 

In examining anthropological research, this text often refers to research conducted in other fields, sparking the critical imagination that brings the learning process to life.

Scupin is a Professor Emeritus of anthropology and international studies at Lindenwood University. He was formerly the director of the Center for International and Global Studies at Lindenwood. 

Through this center, Scupin edited a well-known Journal of International and Global Studies that publishes essays and book reviews related to topics of globalization.  

In addition, the center helps facilitate research and maintains a speaker’s series on international affairs with the participation of many anthropologists.

Scupin has co-authored “Anthropology: A Global Perspective”, an introductory textbook published by Pearson Prentice Hall.  

In addition, he authored “Religion and Culture: An Anthropological Focus”, “Race and Ethnicity: The United States and the World”, and “Peoples and Cultures of Asia”, all published by Pearson Prentice Hall.

Source:Tehran Times