October 11 in the Islamic Republic of Iran marks the day of commemoration of Hafez Shirazi, the famous Iranian poet.

Iran Press/Iran News: Khwajeh Shams al-Din Muhammad Hafiz Shirazi, who is a great Iranian poet and one of the world's most famous poets.

His pomes mostly are in sonnet format.

Hafiz Shirazi who is considered as the symbol of the Iranian nation's identity and their historical and cultural memory also serves as the subconscious conscience of Iranian society and the most popular Persian poet.

Hafiz's sonnets are familiar to everyone and the great Iranian poet is considered as the most effective poets whose poems have been translated to different European languages and whose name has been heard in the western literary circles.

Hafiz's tomb which is called Hafezieh is located in Shiraz, the capital of Fars province Southern Iran.

It is home to beautiful flowers whose fragrance has been mingled with the emotions and passions of his poems.

Hafez died in 1390 at the age of 69. Twenty years after his death, a tomb, the Hafezieh, was erected to honor Hafez in the Musalla Gardens in Shiraz. The current mausoleum was designed by André Godard, a French archeologist, and architect, in the late 1930s, and the tomb is raised up on a dais amidst rose gardens, water channels, and orange trees.

His tomb has remained a popular tourist destination, with millions of Persians and other visitors making the pilgrimage to Hafez's tomb each year.