Director of Pol Literary and Translation Agency, a Tehran-based institution that translates Iranian books and presents Persian language publications around the world, said that last year the copyright of the translation and publication of the book was transferred to Shahrestan Adeb Publishing House from Iran and Utopia Publishing House from Serbia.

According to Mohammad Ja’fari Aqdam, the book acknowledges the place of books in modern Iranian history.

The Persian version of the book, published in 2016, won the 10th Jalal Al-e Ahmad Literary Awards, the 35th Book of the Year Award in Iran in 2017 and the 17th Annual Book Festival of Martyr Habib Ghanipour.

The story of ‘Booklessness’ is set in the Qajar period (1796-1925) and it tells the tale of an antique dealer who is deeply interested in rare Persian manuscripts.

Albania’s Fan Noli Publishing House and India’s Rajpal & Sons reached an agreement with Shahrestan Adab Publishing House to translate the book into Albanian and Indian languages.


Source: Iran Daily


Source: Iran Daily