Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Mohammad-Mehdi Esmaili in his Tuesday meeting with visiting Syrian Culture Minister Lubanah Mshaweh at Tehran Vahdat Hall reviewed ways for the two countries’ cultural, artistic, media, and joint theatrical and cinematographic cooperation to be expanded, as well as sharing Iranian artists’ experiences with the Syrian side.

The Iranian culture minister said on the sidelines of the meeting in a press conference that the two countries have shared cultural and artistic capacities, and Iran and Syria are both ready for cooperation in cinematography, arts, media and information dissemination fields, as there is fortunately strong will for such interactions on both sides.

“We are glad that after passing through many tough years, Syria is today experiencing peace and stability free from war fears and destruction,” said Esmaili.

The Syrian culture minister, too, said in the press conference that the Iran-Syria cultural relations date back to remote past in history and describing it is a single night is impossible.

It was agreed in the meeting that Iran Film Week, too, will be held simultaneously with the Iran Culture Week in Syria in near future, and also the Syria Culture Week in Iran after that.