Translated by Reza Alavi and Ghazal Arjmand, the book has been published by Shurafarin.

What makes children happy, confident and successful? How can you help a child to flourish? Their environment is important, but the real difference is in your hands – every adult has the tools to help a child achieve psychological wellbeing.

This book provides a practical model for helping children flourish and achieve their personal potential in every area of their lives. 

Drawing on ideas from positive psychology and child development theory, the model explores the five key areas of wellbeing: personal strengths, emotional wellbeing, positive communication, learning strengths and resilience. 

Practical activities are included for each area, and a questionnaire provides an assessment to enable you to keep track of progress.

Suitable for use with children aged 3–11, this step-by-step guide is an ideal resource for professionals working with children, including counselors, social workers, teachers and psychotherapists, as well as parents.

Hooper is also a parent coach who is based in Winchester, England. She has over 30 years of experience working with children in both public and independent settings. 

She now specializes in applying positive psychology to promoting children’s psychological well-being as a trainer, coach and consultant.

Source:Tehran Times