Mehran Habibinejad, Author and music researcher announcing this news to Honaronline said that The book "The Myth of Eastern Music" is the second volume of the book "Khosrow Khooban". Its graphic works have been completed and will be released by Mahris Publication.

He went on to explain that the first volume of Mohammad Reza Shajarian's biography lasted until 2004, The second volume is related to the artistic activities of Master Shajarian from 2004 to early this year with sections entitled "Shajarian Dialogues","Shajarian in the speech of artists in the form of articles and notes", "Shajarian from the point of view of artists, experts in the form of dialogue", "Shajarian's innovative instruments and critiques and opinions about instruments", "A description of vocal courses and selection of poems in the song of Master Shajarian", "Shajarian in foreign media" and "In praise and mourning of Siavash" Which includes mourning poems and poems in his praise written by his poets and lovers. The final part of the book also includes a list of works and albums that have been created during the last seventeen years, along with the lyrics of songs and compositions and less seen images.

 In response to the question why he decided to publish the second volume of "Khosrow Khooban" after the death of Shajarian, Habibinejad stated Shajarian's presence and influence in contemporary Iranian music is so great that I think we should write about him. He wrote down even the smallest of his artistic activities, because all of his works in music are thought-provoking, and we have seen the impact of everything he has done in society. It has been proven to everyone that all his works have a special character and can not be easily ignored. For example, the instruments he invented are unique in contemporary Iranian music, and despite all his artistic pursuits, they come only from the soul of a researcher like Shajarian, and we see that no one in contemporary music has ever done or even thought about it. He has not. So we have to admit that Shajarian has done his best to promote the culture and art of this land and is a true sympathizer of the art of music and in my opinion we should write treatises about him and do more research on his thought and works.

So I decided to present the other sayings and unspoken words to his lovers in the form of a book entitled "The Myth of Oriental Music", perhaps I have written a bit of this master's tireless efforts.

 He is also publishing the book "A Voice in the Color of the Sun" and added: This book is also published by Mahris Publication and includes the artistic life of Banoo Delkesh. He also announced the publication of the book "The Divan of Ghazi Yahya Lahiji" by the Guilan Art Center in collaboration with the Ilia Culture Publishing House and added: In this work, I corrected the poems of Ghazi Yahya Lahiji, a poet and mystic of the 10th century AH. The correction of this divan is based on the only copy of this poet that was preserved in the Golestan Palace Museum and has been corrected by analogy.

These days, he is busy finalizing the book "Qalandar of Iranian Music" about Mohammad Reza Lotfi. Which has been done in several decades of his artistic life, is included, critiques and opinions of musicians, writers and researchers about the artistic personality of Mohammad Reza Lotfi in music are presented in the second part. The third part of the book, entitled "Others in Lotfi's speech", includes the master's critiques and opinions about several artists, Mohammad Reza Lotfi's scientific and experimental views on Iranian music, which includes a number of master's articles in the fourth part of the book. In the final chapter, the words of a number of compositions along with pictures of this great artist are presented to his lovers.