Jebrael Nokandeh said officials from the cultural heritage sectors of Italy and Japan will be taking part in a construction project to retrofit the National Museum of Iran.

He then pointed to the 60-year-long history of close cooperation between Iran and Italy in the cultural heritage sector.

The National Museum of Iran is formed of two complexes, including the Museum of Ancient Iran and the Museum of the Islamic Era, which were opened in 1937 and 1972, respectively.

The Museum, aging more than 70 years, contains 300,000 museum objects in an area spanning over more than 20,000 square meters.

According to UNESCO, the Museum ranks as one of the few most prestigious museums of the world in regard to grand volume, diversity and quality of its huge monuments. 

The brick building of the Museum of Ancient Iran was designed by French architects André Godard and Maxime Siroux in the early 20th century, and was influenced by Sassanian vaults, particularly the Taq Kasra at Ctesiphon.

Source: Mehr News