The 25-minute documentary 'Water, Wind, Dust, Bread', which took more than a year to produce, is a delicate narrative of the life of two children named 'Abolfazl' and 'Setayesh' who experience a different life.

The documentary has been previously screened at the 18th edition of ZagrebDox, the International Documentary Film Festival and the 24th edition of the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival in Greece, a special screening section of the 15th Miradasdoc International Film Festival in Spain and the 19th edition of the Millennium Film Festival in Poland.

The 17th edition of Austria's Ethnocineca will be held on 4-11 May 2023 in Vienna.  As Austria’s biggest film festival for documentary cinema and ethnographic film, Ethnocineca is dedicated to diverse realities of human life.


Source:Tehran Times