Four films, including “19” by Manije Hekmat and “The Sun of That Moon” by Setareh Eskandari, will be reviewed in the program entitled “In Focus: Iranian Women Directors”.

“19” tells the story of Mitra, a 57-year-old artist who lives alone in her cozy apartment. Her life unexpectedly changes after she falls ill with the coronavirus. On the threshold between life and death, Mitra embarks on a journey through her bittersweet memories.

“The Sun of That Moon” follows Biban, who takes a vow of silence to never speak again after her husband’s death. She stays at her father-in-law’s house to raise her son together. Her days are dark and silent as the night. Her life is desolate, until one day Hamraz, a lost love of her youth, returns to the city, and the sun in her heart again dawns.“Domino” and “Son of Man” will also be screened in this program.

Directed by Laleh Barzegar, “Domino” is about Yalda, who tries to reconcile with her husband because she is afraid of the opinion of others. When they both decide that they can no longer live together and must separate, Yalda is forced to return to her parents. However, they are not ready to accept the fact that their daughter is divorced and decide to hide this from the rest of the relatives. Yalda’s situation is further complicated when a new soul mate appears in her life.

In “Son of Man”, director Sepideh Mirhosseini focuses on a man who takes care of his daughter, from whom he keeps a big secret after a serious life transformation. After his father’s death, his life is about to be turned upside down for the second time after his brother threatens to tell his story if he doesn't give up the family inheritance.

Several other Iranian films will be competing in different categories of the Sofia MENAR Film Festival, which screens movies from the Middle East and North African Region (MENAR).

Source:Tehran T