“No Prior Appointment”, the winner of the Golden Saint George for best film at the 2022 Moscow International Film Festival, was screened on the opening day of the event.

The acclaimed drama “No Prior Appointment” tells the story of an Iranian emigrant who, after 30 years, is compelled to return to her home country upon learning of her estranged father’s death. She hastily takes leave from her work as a doctor in Germany, bringing her young autistic son with her. 

Director Behruz Shoeibi explores the ideas of return, leftover threads of memory of a land, and the sense of self that was once left behind. With nuanced grace, the film explores the longing for homeland, the questions of belonging, and the strange sense of homecoming upon returning to the country of your childhood.

“World War III” is another highlight of the films. The dark comedy is Iran’s submission to the international feature award at the 2023 Oscars.

In this film, director Hooman Seyyedi depicts a hapless day laborer who finds himself cast in a film about the Nazi regime while hiding his girlfriend – a sex worker fleeing her exploiters – on the set.


“A Minor”, also known as “La Minor”, by Dariush Mehrjui is also competing in the festival.

The film follows Nadi, who loves music but her traditional father wants no music in his house and forces her to abandon it. He is a carpet salesman and would like his daughter to study business and help him with the bookkeeping in his shop but Nadi disagrees. Nadi’s mother is torn between her husband and daughter but condones her husband’s strict conduct with Nadi. Fortunately for Nadi, her grandfather supports her. Nadi learns to play the guitar, and discovers that she can compose too.

“Romanticism of Emad and Tuba” by Kaveh Sabbaghzadeh will also be screened. When fate first confronted Emad and Tuba, they both knew that love was more of a skill than excitement and heartbeat and itchy skin.

The Iranian lineup also comprises “Leila’s Brothers”, “Beyond the Walls” and “No Bears”. 

The Chennai festival will wrap up on December 22 with announcing the winners.

Source:Tehran Times