Mohammad Hamidi-Moqadam, director of the festival, said at the opening ceremony that “we passed” difficult days beside nice moments in “Cinema Verite” and now more than ever “we believe” that beyond all the events and problems, it is cinema and art that survives.

The Festival of “Cinema Verite" is an undeniable truth and it was held for dialogue and interaction, he added.

Referring to the international section of the festival, he highlighted that “Cinema Verite" will host a variety of international documentaries that will open new perspectives for the audiences.

Pointing to the Iranian documentary cinema, he underscored that beautiful and fascinating works about climate, traditions, rituals, nature, and women besides men who live in this vast and ancient land will be screened in the 16th edition of Cinema Verite.

The event is slated to wrap up on Dec 15, 2022.