The festival is the first Italian film event focusing on genre movies and series for theaters, TV and online broadcasting focused on sci-fi, fantasy, horror, thriller, action-adventure, comedy and cross-over films, short movies and series.

Directed by Hamed Azizi, “Home” is a sci-fi movie that shows the modern human of the future who finds home the safest place to live.

Four other films, including “At the Mountains of Madness” by Italian director Francesco Santoro, are competing for the award.

In this film, two young explorers of the Miskatonic Expedition are tasked with finding their leader who has mysteriously disappeared. In the search, they discover an ancient evil that will plunge them into madness.

Other nominees are “Night Light” by Miguel Gierran from New Zealand, “Outlaw” by Yu-Ching Ling from Taiwan and “Questbound: Forbidden Ventures of the Undead Soul” by Alexander Bierling and Owen Buckley from the Netherlands.

“The Dark Midnight” by Iranian director Amir-Hossein Makui was also an entry to the short film categories, but it failed to be shortlisted.

The film follows Sara, a young girl who loses her mother as a child under mysterious circumstances. Now she is involved in her own nightmares.

The Heroes International Film Festival will take place from November 24 to 26 in Rome and the winners will be honored on the closing day.


Source: Tehran Times