Houman Seyedei’s ‘World War III,’ which premiered at the 79th Venice International Film Festival and grabbed the award of the Horizons Section, will be among the participants of the Main Competition Section.

The film will be screened on October 26, 28 and 31. Tickets for the first two dates have been sold out.

Iran picked ‘World War III’ to represent the country in the international competition of the 96th Academy Awards.

The film is about Shakib, played by Tanabandeh, a homeless day laborer who lost his wife and son in an earthquake and who now seeks comfort in the presence and service of Ladan (Mahsa Hejazi), a deaf girl. Shakib finds work as a builder on a construction site which is actually the set of a film about the atrocities committed by Hitler.

‘Butterflies Live Only One Day’ by Mohammadreza Vatandoust will experience its first international screening at the Asian Cinema Competition Section of the event.

 Vatandoust’s film will be shown on October 25, 26, and 28.

The film follows an old woman who has taken a vow of silence and talks to no one. She only has one big goal: To receive the government’s permission to enter the island as someone is waiting for her there. But after 13 years, an entry permit has not been granted to her.


Source: Iran Daily