Variety wrote: “If this sounds soap operatic in the slightest, credit Roustaee for ensuring the story never feels that way on screen. The helmer constructs scenes with a bustling documentary energy, studiously avoiding melodramatic tropes, even when they might serve to make the narrative more engaging, less unwieldy or simply easier to digest overall.”

“Thanks to the director’s command of his material, the entanglements we witness may be unbelievably challenging and yet do not require any suspension of disbelief. This subtle, convincing emotional tour-de-force doesn’t feel as long as its generous running time,” Screen Daily reviewed.

The Guardian noted: “Iranian filmmaker Saeed Roustaee delivers a big, absorbing, character-driven family drama in the Italian-American style with fierce performances, a huge set-piece wedding scene and touches of Visconti’s ‘Rocco and His Brothers’ and Coppola’s ‘The Godfather’. There’s even some Arthur Miller amid the angry, painful recrimination.”

The Hollywood Reporter also mentioned: “The cast brings tremendous energy and plenty of nuance to their roles; each character is loaded with contradictions, fighting for the family or their own interests, or sometimes both, well aware they’re rarely doing the right thing.”

IMDB quoted from Deadline Magazine: “Over nearly three hours, the small dramas of these very ordinary people play out in a beautifully modulated series of mistakes and missteps, always stopping short of a final crisis or dramatic climax promising resolution.”

The premiere of the film at Cannes Film Festival took place, with the stars Saeed Poursamimi, Navid Mohammadzadeh, Taraneh Alidoosti, Payman Maadi, and Roustaee in attendance.

The film is about Leila, 40, who has spent her life caring for her parents and four brothers.

Leila comes up with a plan to run a family business in order to save them from poverty, as her brothers are struggling to make ends meet.

While they desperately need financial assistance, Leila finds out that their father has secretly hidden a family heritage. That discovery causes chaos in the fragile family.