The film received the special mention in the Golden Horseman Short Film Intenaional Competition judged by a jury consisting of Mariana Hristova, John Canciani and Martina Scarpelli.

''This film stood out among the titles in competition: It's awaward, it's surreal, it's imaginative, it's original, it's colorful, and yet dark at the same time,''the jury said in its statement.

The movie follows Amitis, a teenage girl who has always had to wear orthodontics headgear and is under pressure because of her orthodontic treatment. She suddenly does a strange thing to her friend Sarah.

The Iranian movies ''The Fourth Wall'' and ''Form'' were also screened in other categories of the festival, but failed to win an award.

“Heltzear” by Mikel Gurrea from Spain won the prize money of €7,500 and the Golden Horseman for best short film.

“The title of the film originates from the verbs to hold, to grow and to arrive,” the jury said. 

“It portrays the process of overcoming personal grief arising from the legacy of collective trauma through physical challenges. By strengthening the body and thus strengthening the mind, the protagonist finds a way to look ahead. Simply staged, yet layered, the film’s condensed storytelling and coherent style proves yet again that less is more,” the jury added. 

“Anxious Body”, a co-production between Japan and France by Yoriko Mizushiri, received the prize money of €7,500 and the Golden Horseman for best short animated film.

In its statement, the jury said, “This film tickles the viewer by exploring the textures and forms, as well as the multifaceted sensuality of the human body. Through an intimate and ambiguous exploration, it demonstrates how close pleasure and pain could be. Tactile, dreamlike and contemplative, the film stages the author’s distinctive artistic style in terms of the visual aesthetics and sound design.”

The Golden Horsemen of the Audience International Competition and the prize money of €3,000 went to “Mily Tati” (“LOVE, Dad”), a Czech-Slovakia co-production by Diana Cam Van Nguyen.

“Techno, Mama” by Saulius Baradinskas from Lithuania was picked as best in the youth international competition.

Source:Tehran Times