Eqbaldar has so far directed eight short films including ‘Self’, ‘The Castle of Life’, ‘Choice’, ‘Me in the Mirror’, and ‘The Memory of That Man’.

Eqbaldar’s films have participated in various international festivals such as Ouarzazate Film Festival in Morocco that hosted his short film ‘The Memory of That Man’.

His ‘Utopia’ was screened at the Kolkata International Film Festival and his ‘Leprosy’ at Zimbabwe International Female Film Festival.

He has already evaluated the films at Muslim Film Festival in Australia.

According to the official website of the festival, “It is an attempt to provide a platform to bridge the gap between the industry and the resources available in Jammu.”

In 2019, over 160 entries from 17 countries submitted their films and 37 shortlisted entries from 11 countries were screened over two days.

Source: Iran Daily