Abyar will make the film on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the announcement of the One Belt, One Road Initiative in the southeastern Asian country.

She stressed that the film will narrate the story of the China-Europe railway in the ancient city of Chang’an. It is expected that ‘Chang’an, Chang’an’ will hit silver screens in 2022.

Abyar was named an honorary professor at Xi’an Jiaotong University in China.

She also held a master class on breaking new ground in filmmaking at the university and visited different departments of the university.

Abyar told the radio that the ‘Chang’an, Chang’an’ is a film on the Silk Road, adding that she realized there are people in some parts of China such as Xinjiang, who use words with roots in Persian.

One Belt, One Road will bring several nations closer, she said, adding that Iran, an important country in the ancient Silk Road, will be mentioned in the movie as well.

A deep understanding of human being is outlined in the screenplay, the director said.

‘Chang’an, Chang’an’ is the first joint venture by Iranian and Chinese filmmakers.

Earlier in July, Abyar was invited by the Chinese ambassador to Tehran, Chang Hua, to China to collaborate on a joint film project about the Silk Road.

Abyar referred to her cooperation with Chinese filmmaking industry as a great collaboration, saying that Asian countries need to expand unity and teamwork in order to assure security and peace for regional states.

Source: Iran Daily