The 14th Fajr Festival of Visual Arts is hosting four side events such as "Sacrifice and Abnegation", Hakim Nezami Ganjavi, Pay tribute to two artists, and "Scribe".

"Sacrifice and Abnegation"

One of the side sections of the Festival of Visual Arts is entitled "Sacrifice and Abnegation".In this section, various works in different fields have been displayed, each of which has dealt with the subject from a different perspective. Throughout history, some artists have paid attention to the issue of war and martyrdom, and a group has created works based on current issues and various events, and various artistic media have provided artists with a good opportunity to express the subject.

Hakim Nezami Ganjavi

Hakim Nezami Ganjavi is a poet and storyteller of the sixth century AH and is one of the undisputed masters of Persian language. Since March 11, 2017, the day of military commemoration of Ganjavi was registered in the official calendar of Iran, but in recent years, Azerbaijan has introduced Nezami as its national poet and named 2021 as the military year of Ganjavi.

However, in Iran, no extensive and practical action has been taken to honor the position of this Persian-speaking poet and to introduce him further. Meanwhile, the 14th Fajr Festival of Visual Arts has named a side section as Nezami Ganjavi, but what can be seen in this section is by no means as poetic as Nezami.

Due to the fact that the creation of thematic works requires ideas and time, it seems that the participants in the festival have preferred to send works with a free theme to the festival.

However, the works that were displayed by inviting artists to the festival are also related to previous years. If this section was properly introduced in the call, like the competitive sections, there would be prizes for it, which could to some extent encourage artists to create works of art based on it.

Now in the Saba Institute, apart from the paintings that are printed on the walls and taken from Ganjavi's military works, there are limited works related to this subject.

 Pay tribute to two artists

In memory of Kambiz Dermbakhsh, works from the "Black Miniatures" collection, which are kept in the treasury of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran and the Art Center, have been exhibite

But In memory of  Asghar Kafshchian Moghaddam, instead of showing his works, the arrangement of "Qaf" by Karimollah Khani has been shown.


"Scribe" is the title of another side section of the festival dedicated to calligraphy. This curatorial section has been formed by the Jamshid Haghighatnejad, using the works that existed in the treasury of the Academy of Arts, the Museum of Calligraphy, etc.

Classical calligraphy works can be seen in this collection along with some of the first examples of calligraphy created by the leading artists of this art in the past decades. Another feature of this section is that it is not enough just to show the paintings and the walls have been tried to be related to the works as the bed of this show.