Mohammad-Mehdi Esmaili Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Mohammad khazaei Cinema Organization of Iran Director,  Ali Nasirian, etc were present at the closing ceremony, which was held with limited capacity and observance of health protocols.

A video of the artists who died a year ago was the continuation of the closure ceremony, in which Fereshteh Taherpour, Ezatullah Mehravaran, Alireza Sajjadpour, Fathali Oveisi, Rahim Rahimpour, Habibollah Sahranavard, Ali Soleimani, etc. were mentioned.

The commemoration ceremony of Ahmad Reza Motamedi, director of Iranian cinema, was held in the presence of Ali Nasirian, Mohammad Khazaei, head of the Cinema Organization, Mohammad-Mehdi Esmaili, Minister of Guidance, and Massoud Naghashzadeh, Secretary of the Fajr Film Festival.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of the fortieth period of Fajr film is the elimination of Simorgh, the people's favorite film; An award that some consider the most important award of the festival. The winners of the competitive sections of Iranian cinema advertisements, feature films, short fiction films, Simorgh Soda and Sardar Haj Ghasem Soleimani Special Soldier Award will also receive their prizes.

In continuation, the special award of Martyr Soleimani (National vision) was awarded in the presence of Zeinab Soleimani, the daughter of the martyr and cinema officials and the Minister of Guidance, to the film “No Prior Appointment” directed by Behrouz Shoaibi and produced by Mehdi Babaei.

Then Mohammad Motamedi came on the stage to perform the first piece of music.

The names of the winners for the 40th  Fajr Film Festival  are as follows:

Best Film: Habibolah Valinejad for production of “The Situation of Mehdi”

Others: Hassan Mostafavi for production of "The Last Snow" | Bahram Radan for production of "Meadowَ" | Reza Mirkarimi for production of "Night Watchman"

Best Director: Reza Mirkarimi for “The Night Guardian”

Others:  Hadi Hejazifar for “The Situation of Mehdi” | Behrouz Shoaibi for “No Prior Appointment” | Kazem Daneshi for "The Meadowَ" | Amirhossein Asgari for "The Last Snow"

Special Jury Prize: Amirhossein Asgari for "The Last Snow"

Honorary Diploma Spical Jury prize: Seyyed Hadi Mohaghegh for "Derb"

Best Film from a national point of view: Behrouz Shoaibi Director and Mehdi Babaei Producer of “No Prior Appointment”

Best Screenplay: Kazem Daneshi for "The Meadowَ"

Others: Reza Mirkarimi, Mohammad Davoodi for “The Night Guardian” | Ebrahim Amini, Hadi Hejazifar for “The Situation of Mehdi” |Farhad Tohidi, Mehdi Torabbeigi for “No Prior Appointment” | Amirhossein Asgari, Amirmohammad Abedi, Seyyed Hassan Hosseini for "The Last Snow"

Best First Director: Hadi Hejazifar for “The Situation of Mehdi”

Others: Kazem Daneshi for "The Meadowَ" |  Arian Vazirdaftari for "Without Her" | Omid Shams for "Private Meeting"

Best Actress: Tannaz Tabatabaei for "Without Her" 

Others: Sara Bahrami for "Meadowَ" | Zhila Shahi for "Mehdi's Location" | Ladan Marzban for “The Night Guardian”  | Ladan Mostofi for "The Last Snow"

Best Actor: Amin Hayaiee for "The Last Snow"

Others: Toraj Alvand for “The Night Guardian” | Pejman Jamshidi for "The Meadowَ" | Mehdai Nosrati for "The Opposition”

Best Supporting Actress: Sadaf Espahbodi for "The Meadowَ" 

Diploma of Honor: Fereshteh Hosseini for “The Squad of Girls”

Others: Safura Khoshtinat for “The Night Guardian”  | Shadi Karamroudi for "Without Her" | Linda Kiani for "The Opposition” | Noshin Masoudian for "The Last Snow"

Best Supporting Actor: Nader Solimani for "The Opposition”

Diploma of Honor: Ali Akbar Osanloo for “The Night Guardian”

Others: Payam Ahmadinia for "Private Meeting" | Rouhollah Zamani for “The Situation of Mehdi” | Mehdi Zaminpardaz for "The Meadowَ" | Majid Salehi for "The Last Snow"

Best Cinematography: Arman Fayaz for "Last Snow"

Others: Vahid Ebrahimi for “The Situation of Mehdi” | Alireza Barazandeh for "The Town" | Hadi Behroozi for "The Meadowَ" | Mohammad Hadadi for "No Prior Appointment”" 

Best Editor:  Hamid Najafirad for "The Meadowَ"

Others: Zhila Epekchi for "The Twon" | Hossein Jamshidi Gohari for “The Situation of Mehdi” | Sepideh Abdolvahab for "Killing The Traitor" | Hamid Najafirad for “The Squad of Girls”

Best Composer:  Masoud Sekhavat Dost for “The Situation of Mehdi”

Honorary Diploma: Behzad Abdi for "The Meadowَ"

Others: Habib Khazaeifar for "Loser Man" | Fardin khalatbari for "Mahan" and "Henas" 

Best Sound Mix:  Ali Reza Alavian for “No Prior Appointment” and "The Meadowَ"

Others: Faramarz Abolsedgh for “The Squad of Girls” | Amin Sharifi for “The Opposition” | Amir Hossein Ghasem for "Killing The Traitor" and “The Night Guardian”  | Naim Meschian for "2888"

Best Sound Recorder: Masih Hadpour Seraj for “The Situation of Mehdi”

Others: Mahdi Ebrahimizadeh for “The Squad of Girls” | Babak Ardalan for “The Late” | Abbas Rastegarpour for “No Prior Appointment” | Amir Nobakht Haghighi for "Golden Night"

Best Stage Designer: Mohammadreza Shojaee for “The Opposition”

Others: Soheil Danesh Eshraghi for "Killing The Traitor" | Amir Zaghari for “The Situation of Mehdi” | Mohammadreza Shojaee for “The Squad of Girls” | Aydin Zarif for "2888"  | Ali Nasirnia for "The Last Snow"

Best Costume Designer: Maral Jeyrani for "Killing The Traitor"

Others: Behzad Aghabeigi for “The Situation of Mehdi” | Fatmeh Safarizadeh for “The Late” | Zahra Samadi for“The Night Guardian”  | Ali Nasirnia for "Last Snow"

Best Makeup Artist: Omid Golzadeh for “The Late” and "The Last Snow"

Others: Mona Jafari for "The Meadowَ" | Shahram Khalaj for “The Situation of Mehdi” | Azim Farayen for "Beyro" | Morteza Kahzadi for "The Opposition”

Best Visual Effects: Hassan Najafi, Amir Valikhani for “The Squad of Girls”

Others: Omid Pahlevanzadeh for "Looser Man" | Farid Nazer Fasihi for "Beyro" | Mohammad Baradaran for "Killing The Traitor" | Kamyar Shafipour for "The Last Snow"

Best Special Effects:  Iman Karimian for “The Situation of Mehdi”

Other: Arash Aghabig for "Killing The Traitor" and "The Town" | Hamid Rasoulian for “The Opposition” | Mohsen Rozbehani, Kavoos Rozbehani for “The Squad of Girls”


Best Documentary: "“Moribund” directed by Hojjat Taheri

Best Short Film: “Bonus” by Reza Nejati

Iranian Cinema Advertising Competition

Teaser and Trailer section: Omid Mirzaee for "Staging" and "Sniper"

Poster Section: Honorary Diploma: Ehsan Barabadi for "Old Men Never Die"

Photo Section: "Mansour", Habib Majidi