The closing ceremony of the 39th Fajr Film Festival was held on Wednesday, February 10, by honoring winners at Tehran’s Milad Tower.

Seyyed Abbas Salehi Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Pirouz Hananchi Mayor of Tehran, Hossein Entezami Cinema Organization of Iran Director, Iraj Harirchi Deputy Minister of Health were present at the closing ceremony, which was held with limited capacity and observance of health protocols.

Sixteen movies went on screen in the official competition of the festival.The organizers of the 39th Fajr Film Festival commemorate Parviz Purhosseini and Changiz Jalilvand, two cinematic figures who recently died of COVID-19. 

Ali Ansarian, former player of Persepolis football team, film and television artist who departed from this world to heaven during the festival due to coronary heart disease memorised in this event.

A jury composed of filmmakers Sareh Bayat, Mohammad Ehsani, Mostafa Kiaee, Baharam Tavakoli, Nima Javidi, Morteza Pour Samadi ,and Seyed Jamale Sadatian judged the movies.

Mahdi Jafari’s "Yadoo" and Mohsen Gharaie's "Be Hame Chiz" (Without Anything) led the nominations with 13 nods. It was followed by "Zalava" by Arsalan Amiri and "Ablaq" (Piebald) by Narges Abyar with 10 and 9 nominations respectively. 

The names of the winners for the 39th  Fajr Film Festival  are as follows:

Best Film: Mohammad Reza Mesbah for production of "Yadoo"

Others: Mohammad Hossein Ghasemi for production of "Ablaq" ( Piebald)| Javad Noroozbeigi for production of "Be Hame Chiz"(Without Anything)| Rohollah Baradari and Samira Baradari for production of  "Zalava"

Best Film from audience selection: "Ablaq" (Multicolored) directed by Narges Abyar

Best Director: Mahdi Jafari for "Yadoo"

Others: Narges Abyar for "Ablaq" (Multicolored)| Arsalan Amiri for "Zalava"|Mohsen Gharaie for "Be Hame Chiz"(Without Anything)

Special Jury Prize: Mohsen Gharaie for "Be Hame Chiz" (Without Anything)

Best Film from a national point of view: Ali Ghafari Director and Ebrahim Asghari Producer of "Sniper"

Best Screenplay: Arsalan Amiri,  Ayda Panahandeh and Tahmineh Bahram for "Zalava"

Others: Arash Anisi for "Mom"| Ayda Panahandeh and Arsalan Amiri for "TiTi"

Best Adapted Screenplay: Mohsen Gharaie and Mohammad Davoodi for "Be Hame Chiz"(Without Anything)

Others: Hamid Reza Azaranh for "Once Upon a Time Abadan"/Mahdi Jafari and Mahin Abasszadeh for "Yadoo"

Best First Director: َArsalan Amiri for "Zalava"

Honorary Diploma:Hossein Darabi for "Expediency"

Others: Hamid Reza Azarang for "Once Upon a Time Abadan"| Arash Anisi for "Mom"| Adel Tabrizi for "Gijgah"|Sivash Sarmadi for "Mansur"

Best Actress: Roya Afshar for "Mom"

Diploma of Honor: Setareh Pesyani for "Yadoo"

Others: Melisa Zakeri for "Playing with Stars"| Elnaz Shakerdoost for "Ablaq (Piebald)| Elnaz Habibi for "Emad & Touba Romanticism"| Nazanin Farahani for production of  "Expediency"

Best Actor: Reza Attaran for "Roshan"

Others: Parviz Parastoui for "Be Hame Chiz"(Without Anything)| Navid Pourfaraj for "Zalava" | Mohsen Tanabandeh for "Once Upon a Time Abadan"| Milad Sawilawi for "Yadoo"| Amir Nourouzi for "Mom"

Best Supporting Actress: Gelareh Abbasi for "Ablaq"(Piebald)

Others: Elham Shafiee for "Once Upon a Time Abadan"| Azita Hajian fo "Imaginary Line"| Giti Moeini for "Ablaq" (Piebald)

Best Supporting Actor: Pouria Rahim Sam for "Zalava"

Others: Erfan Ebrahimi for "Mom"| Pejman Jamshidi for "Shashlik"|  Vahid Rahbani for "Expediency" | Pedram Sharifi for "Be Hame Chiz"(Without Anything)

Best Cinematography: Morteza Najafi for "Yadoo" and "Roshan"

Honorary Diploma: Mohammad Rasouli for "Zalava"

Others: Masoud Salami for "Abadan once upon a time"| Farshad Mohammadi for "TiTi"| Morteza Hodaee for "Be Hame Chiz"(Without Anything)

Best Editor: Emad Khodabakhsh for "Be Hame Chiz"(Without Anything)

Others: Emad Khodabakhsh for "Gijgah"| Sivash Kordjan for "Expediency"|Meysam Molaei for "Yadoo"

Best Composer: Hamed Sabet for "Be Hame Chiz"(Without Anything)

Others: Bamdad Afshar for "Yadoo"| Alireza Afkari for "TiTi"| Fardin Khalatbary for "Expediency"| Payam Azadi for "Emad & Touba Romanticism"

Best Sound Mix: Amir Hossein Ghasemi for "Yadoo" 

 Others: Hossein Abolsedghi for "Sniper"| Bahman Baniardalan for "Once Upon a Time Abadan"| Ali Reza Alavian for "Be Hame Chiz"(Without Anything)| Amir Hossein Ghasem for "Zalava"

Best Sound Recorder: Rashid Daneshmand for "Zalava" and "Yadoo"

Others: Taher Pishvaee for "Ablaq" (Piebald)| Hadi Saed Mohkam for "Shashlik"|Shahram Motvalibashi for "Sniper"| Amin Mirshekari for "Be Hame Chiz"(Without Anything)

Best Stage Designer: Sohil Danesh Eshraghi for "Once Upon a Time Abadan"

Others: Amir Hossein Ghodsi for "Be Hame Chiz"| Aydin Zarif for "Yadoo"| Behzad Jafari Tadi for "Expediency"| Mohammad Reza Shojaee for "Ablaq" (Piebald)| Aydin Zarif for "Yadoo"| Sohil Danesh Eshraghi for "Roshan"

Best Costume Designer: Maral Jeyrani  for "Be Hame Chiz"

Others: Behzad Jafari Tadi and Mohammad Hossein Karami for "Shashlik"| Behzad Jafari Tadi for "Expediency"|Mohammad Hossein Karami for "Zalava"

Best Makeup Artist: Iman Omidvari for "Ablaq" (Piebald)

Others: Shahram Khalaj  for "Shashlik"| Roksana Razavi for "Playing With Star"| Abbas Abbasi for "Yadoo"

Best Visual Effects: Farid Nazer Fasihi for "Ablaq" (Piebald)

Others:Javad Matori for "Be Hame Chiz"|Mohammad Baradaran for "Mansur"

Best Special Effects: Iman Karamian for "Sniper"

Other: Arash Aghabig for "Roshan"| Iman Karamian for "Yadoo"


Best Documentary: "Coup d'etat 53", Taghi Amirani

Best Short Film: "Emergency Situation", Maryam Esmikhani

Iranian Cinema Advertising Competition

Teaser and Trailer section: "Butterfly Swimming", Hamid Najafi Rad

Poster Section: "Seven and a half", Vahid Abdolhosseini

Photo Section: "Sun", Sahab Zaribaf