Speaking to Mizan on Tuesday, he said, “I have worked on a special piece over the past four months for which I have not selected a name as yet, but it is the outcome of contemplation and mediation during the home quarantine. I believe it will be one of the most memorable works of my professional life.”

“Despite the government’s permit for reopening concert halls after about a four-month shutdown, everything is still closed and I think it is impossible to perform any concert at present, but I have many pieces ready to be performed,” he added.     
“The pandemic caused great losses for musicians, however, it also provided great opportunities for them to create new and innovative works in their solitude during the home quarantine,” 

Earlier in April Tjeknavorian released a 12-minute composition named “Corona”. The piece was composed in three movements named “Assault”, “Death” and “Life”.

“The first step to fight the coronavirus is to observe all the health tips to get rid of this new disease soon, but as long as this situation continues we should try to do our best. If we are artists or musicians we need to work harder and if not we need to increase our personal knowledge,” he said at that time.

Source:Tehran Times