His photo of a football match between Iraq and Iran, when Iranians qualified for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, was selected as the top photo of the festival, IRNA reported.

The photo shows jubilation by Saman Ghoddos, a professional footballer playing for the Iran national team.

Ghoddos is suspended between ground and air while the flag of the Iran seems to create a symbolic wing to show a scene where he is flying.

The match was held at Azadi Stadium in Tehran on January 27, 2022, when Iran defeated Iraq 1-0 and qualified for the World Cup.

Moeini Jam’s professional experience is obvious in the photo because he was able to take the photo right when the football player was somehow flying to show his jubilation.

The photo collection of the competition was published in the IRNA photo section earlier.

The photojournalist majored in cinema at College of Fine Arts of Tehran University, while his sub-major was photography. He has a long experience in covering political, and social events as well as sports and incidents in Iran and in more than 20 other countries.

He has taken part in over 150 competitions and exhibitions around the globe, succeeding in winning a gold medal at the 74th International Photographic Salon in Japan.

The photojournalist stood atop the news section of the national press festival in Iran, and he also won a plaque of honor at five rounds of the picture of the year ceremonies.  


Source: Iran Daily