The actor was awarded for his role in ‘Major’ directed by Ehsan Abdipour. The film had its first screening at the Fajr Film Festival (FFF) in Iran.

'Major' tells the story of a man in Bushehr who feels responsible for his son for the first time in several years.

According to the plot, the film is about some illegal activities in a harbor city in Iran, which gets disturbed as a police dog enters the story. The dog knows no negotiations and does not deal with anyone.

Akbar Odood, Iraj Saghiri, Arash Maleki, Forough Ghajabagli, Ramtin Balef, Hamid Baghaki, Abbas Bak, Gholamreza Farjzade, Asghar Javadi, Hossein Ghofli, Abbas Javadi, Dariush Gharibzade are the others casts of Abidpour's film.

The festival, which offers full support to productions with sharp, inspiring and high-quality vision, sees the participation of several world films nominated for final stages, which compete under various categories in the presence of a group of filmmakers and winners of world awards.