Iran’s cartoonist Ardeshir Mohasses is going to hold a solo exhibition at Artibition Art Gallery in Tehran on May 27.

The works will be also on display online from June 5 on the gallery’s website.The exhibition titled ‘Ardehshir’s Colors’ will feature 15 of the artist’s cartoons.

Mohasses embarked upon a career in creating cartoons, mostly critical with a grotesque satirical tone, in the late 1950s when cartoons in Iran were, for the most part, tools of comic value.

Hadi Heidari, a member of the younger generation of Iranian cartoonists, wrote on the exhibition’s statement, “In my opinion, what makes Mohasses an interesting character, beyond his art, is the artistic intelligence evident in the way he presents his works, where he draws black-and-white designs, as if they are colorful.”