It featured 60 works by 20 artists, including two sculptors, wrote

Singapore-based abstract artist Sangeeta Charan, who displayed her art at the show, said that her work has been inspired by Rumi’s quote, ‘There is hope after despair and many suns after darkness.’ In her pieces, she depicts a connection with Nature.

In addition, what motivated artist Krishna Khanna is Rumi’s words: ‘The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are.’ Her circular canvas shows the intersection of infinity, art and emotion.

Curator of the exhibition and an artist herself, Bindal Shah found her muse in this verse by the great poet: ‘He makes the door, he makes the lock, and he makes the key.’ She elaborated, “My faith in the divine was reinstated by this simple but poignant thought.”

City-based sculptor Sonika Shah’s work is based on Rumi’s philosophy of love, how only someone that loves you will be able to understand the true meaning of your actions and feelings.

Pune’s Mehernosh Venkatraman, the sole man displaying at this event, chose to highlight Rumi’s following words in his work: ‘Your heart is the size of the ocean. Go find yourself in its hidden depths.’ With art that is both colourful yet mysterious, Venkatraman said, “Most of Rumi’s quotes are profound and offer advice that is relevant even today.”


Source: Iran Daily