* A collection of Iranian carpets by different weavers is currently being shown in an exhibition at Saless Gallery. Entitled “Lion and the King”, the exhibit will be running until April 5 at the gallery that can be found at 148 Karim Khan Ave.


* A collection of calligraphic paintings and sculptures by a group of 44 artists, including Hossein Ehsai, Shaqayeq Yazdani, and Sepideh Majd-Kian, is on view in an exhibition at Ragadid Complex.

Behdad Najafi is the curator of the exhibit, which will run until April 20 at the gallery located at the Enqelab Cultural and Sports Complex.

* Rischee 29 Gallery is currently playing host to an exhibition of paintings by Ilia Tahamtani.

Entitled “The Will to Power”, the exhibition will be running until April 25 at the gallery located at 31 Aqabozorgi St. in the Elahieh neighborhood.

* A group painting exhibition is currently underway at Inja Gallery.

The exhibit entitled “Manufact” will run until April 15 at the gallery located at 4 Pedram Alley, Neauphle-le-Chateau St.

* Paintings by Samaneh Abri, Maryam Amir-Vaqefi, Puneh Oshidari, Hoda Boluri, Ahu Hamedi, Parham Qalamdar, Omid Mehdizadeh and Keiman Mehabadi are on display in an exhibition at Bavan Gallery.

The exhibit will run until April 17 at the gallery located at 7 Abdo off Lareztan St. off Motahhari Ave.


Source: Tehran Times