An exhibition of Nazanin Aharipoor's works entitled "Hypersensitivity" was held at Soo Gallery.

In an interview with HonarOnline, Aharipoor said that three layouts and 36 digital paintings were displayed in this collection, and spoke about its formation: I have been suffering from a disease since last year which is a very severe allergy. Dealing with an illness led me to turn my life into a work of art

The three layouts of this collection actually represent the three parts of the disease. The first part is called isolation, which in this work is a picture of myself in nature, so I put myself in a glass box to stay away from sensitive things. In another room, called Symptoms, I hung cloths with a picture of nature printed on them and a cell phone. I had designed a filter that shows the state of inflammation of my face when it is in allergic state on the face of audience. The doctors could not do anything to treat the burning and itching, so I did an internet search and came across a strange point. It was suggested to pour a little Vitex into the tub and sit inside. I did not try this method, but I visualized it and made it look like a bathroom.

Ahripoor said about the paintings in this collection: These works are exactly related to this issue. This disease causes my face to be very messy and I wanted to show a swollen and red face in this way. I do most digital work such as video art, gif making and digital collages. Because mobile phones and computers are always available and I can quickly implement any idea that comes to my mind.