Golden Touba is the name of the main part of fajr visual arts festival which is held in a competitive manner. Artists from all over the country submitted their works in the ten branches of visual arts to participate in this great competition, and after reviewing the works by the Art Council, the selected works were presented for display at the festival.

In this report we take a look at the ten branches of painting, graphics, illustration, and etc.


The painting section of the "Golden Touba" section of the 14th Fajr Visual Arts Festival hosts 58 artists.The painting section usually has the largest number of participants in various events and festivals, but in this period of Fajr Visual Arts Festival, despite the fact that the largest number of participants was related to this field, due to the quality of works received in this field and strict judges, 1317 artists, only 58 people entered the festival. Looking at the works on display at the Saba Institute, one can see a wide variety of paintings with different approaches.


In the graphic section of the 14th Fajr Visual Arts Festival, 30 works by 28 artists have been displayed. The graphic works are only for poster design and a number of the displayed works are related to different events and some of them are designed without order and with the subjects desired by the artist.


In the illustration section of the 14th Fajr Visual Arts Festival, 71 works by 56 artists have been displayed. In the field of illustration, sometimes images are based on stories and texts that are used for printing in books or magazines, and sometimes there are images that artists present to express their personal subject or concern.In the illustration section of Fajr Festival, there are works in both categories, among which one can see various techniques, different views and attractive personal spaces. Also, a number of works have been displayed as the original version and a number of others have been printed on the chassis.