In an interview with HonarOnline, Katayoun Asalian,a painter and curator of the exhibition, said about the formation of this collecion "In recent years the media has made many programs about  poverty, addiction, war, genocide, famine, and illegal immigration. There were many child victims in all of them, and this bothered me a lot. some said that the way to calm the nerves is not to follow the news. Maybe it calmed my nerves by not paying attention to the news, but I will not give up thinking about what the future holds for these children."

Assalian continued "Various factors such as their own decisions or initial choices were influential in the fate of these children. I wanted to visualize the future of the child, regardless of the reasons for his abandonment. So I invited a number of artists to collaborate on this project and create an idea-driven work with a few small limitations.  "First, I designed a portrait of a woman named Eve, and after printing it on a woven fabric, I gave it to the artists. The choice of underlay fabric is a metaphor for life. Life looks beautiful, but there are unpredictable challenges behind it. By doing so, I have challenged the artist to bring out creativity and whatever is behind his mind", the artist added.

Each artist started to work according to their style of work and the medium of their choice. This light and medium diversity may show a very small corner of the diversity of family, society, etc. in the development and formation of the child.

"I wanted all the artists to work on exactly the same portrait, as if the same child (perhaps in parallel worlds) had been given to different people to be proud of and grow in their nest," she said of the reason for using silkscreen printing.

Each artist was even supposed to choose a name for the portrait and place it next to his work, because when he takes care of a child's family, they give him the name they love.Various mediums such as collage, printing, painting, etc. were used in this exhibition, and I selected the artists on the basis that their work style and look were not the same."

She said about how to select these artists, "After announcing the call, I chose a small number due to the restrictions.There is even a self-taught artist. The group had not seen each other until the opening of the exhibition, but they were very coordinated. Asalian added, however, that currently all the artists in this project are Iranian, and that these works will be exhibited in different cities, and that more artists will be invited to continue their work. Maybe in the coming years I will turn this project into an overseas collaboration with artists from different countries."