Madiheh Jamali added that the festival will be held with the theme of Iran’s handicrafts, according to IRNA.

This festival targets the tourism community to become aware of the overt and covert capacities to attract tourists.

Last year the festival focused on the costumes of Iranian tribes, she noted, adding that the festival organizers made attempts to introduce tribal clothes as cultural and tourism attractions.

Iranian handicrafts possess a high capacity for attracting tourists, adding that the appearance, quality, color and variety of the country’s handicrafts are interesting for foreigners.

“We are organizing to welcome international visitors in the upcoming editions of the event,” she noted.

The winners of the festival will be announced on December 21.

The main goals of holding the festival are to introduce Iran’s natural and cultural attractions and capacities, introduce photographers, and encourage them to increase the quality of photography in the fields of tourism, cultural heritage and environment.