Kimia Purrezai won a Grand Prize for Individual Work, Iran’s Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA - Kanoon) announced on Wednesday.

In addition, Aysa Jaferi, Fereshteh Abdi, Hadiseh Alemi, Elnaz Khodabakhshi, Negin Yarali, Niku Jannati, Setayesh Nasuhi, Nirvana Rustai and Bita Jeddi received Gold Medals and diplomas. 

The children all are members of various branches of Kanoon.

Works by 1,800 young artists aged 6 to 18 from 34 schools, high schools and clubs in 15 countries, including Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Latvia, Ukraine, Poland, Iran, Russia and Turkey, were submitted to the competition. 

Romania’s Cultural Association of Arts and the organizers of the contest held an exhibition of winning works and a selection of submissions at the central library of Piatra-Neamt.

“This project is a representative effort for the cultural and artistic life of the Piatra-Neamt municipality,” the Kirileanu County Library Managing Director Mihaela Mereuta said. 

“It is an event that enriches us spiritually, that illustrates the culture and civilization of people, and this permanent contact with the young people, most from different countries, strengthens our conviction in the unity of humanity, with good understanding,” she stated.

In her short speech, Cristina Petrariu, president of the association said, “We want more events dedicated to emphasizing the visibility of children’s creative potential.”

She also noted, “As we have repeatedly stated, they are some of the best ambassadors of Romanian culture and the values that this geographical space makes available to humanity. Let us not forget that children’s paintings and drawings should be part of the material heritage of each nation, because, over the centuries, they will always be a historical source equally authentic, realistic, true, but also full of subjective candor.”

“Children and young people have always impressed me with the courage of their imagination and their confidence in the possibility of translating their imaginary constructions into reality,” Mariana Ciobanu, vice president of the association, said in the closing ceremony of the completion.

“We are honored by the large number of works that have been submitted, which shows that this competition is maintained at a high level,” she added. 

Source: Tehran Times