An exhibition of Sina Chupani's works entitled "Next Consequences" was held in the Basement of Dastan Gallery.

 In an interview with HonarOnline, Chupani said that 36 works with silk screen printing technique were displayed in this collection "35 works are related to the years 2018 and 2019 , and one of them was formed in 2021. I wanted to put together works from two different times so that the audience could see them and review this four-year gap, and even have an overview of their lives during this time. The works in the gallery were arranged in such a way that the audience was placed between these two categories."

He said about the images that he uses in these works "For many years, most of my works have featured images of wrestlers and soccer players. As a child, I also collected and archived photographs from various magazines and sources. When these photos were removed from their beds and placed in my archive, they accompanied my narration and found their own story. I think that when the audience sees these things, they can look at them from their own perspective and have personal perceptions. These works are a focal point that one can stare at and think of something else. They do not refer to anything in particular and are an excuse to think, yet perhaps the images I have chosen will direct the mindset of the audience".


"The works in the "Next Consequences" series do not refer to a specific point, but are an excuse to think. In this collection, two colors, pink and black, are used together, and black is as important as pink. I have worked with different colors in different periods, but I felt that pink is a decorative and meaningless color in our cultures, and people have a superficial look at it. For example, if this collection was performed in red and black instead of pink, perhaps another meaning would be created for it and it would be a symbol of violence or protest. However, I felt that if I used red, maybe everything would be obvious to the audience and they would no longer need to think. by the way it is difficult for the Iranian audience to replace pink, and many of them still do not communicate with this color", Sina Choupani added.

He said about the work that has been added to this collection in the new year " My little works are all on paper and in beautiful frames, but this work is on a cotton interwoven fabric that hangs from the ceiling without a frame. There are a number of people in this work whose eyes and hands are closed, and I wanted people to see themselves in this situation and imagine themselves in this way by seeing this image. In the last two or three years, various events and the outbreak of an epidemic have created strange conditions for us, and it may take several years to understand what has happened during this time and what impact it has had on people".


 Choupani said that he usually uses three mediums of sculpture, design and silkscreen printing. "Silk screen printing gives the artist many possibilities, the first of which is the possibility of image transfer. I would like to transfer the image I find from somewhere to a new context so that new things can be taken from it or a new narrative can be presented, and silkscreen printing makes this possible. High reproducibility is another attractive feature of silk screen printing. The printed work can be made available to a larger audience, resulting in less than a single work. This issue has a kind of protest burden against the capitalist system and can shock the economic system. Another point is that silk screen printing offers images much deeper than they originally were. The silk fabric that is drawn on the stencil has a texture that gives depth to the image, which adds a semantic dimension to the work, and the audience realizes that these images are different from the original image they see in magazines and websites."