The gallery has invited Gianni Fornaresio to show his paintings as part of its program to expand cultural and artistic cooperation with international artists.

This event is being held in cooperation with the Middle East & Europe Specialized Institute of Contemporary Arts (SPFPEM).

 The manager of the Vista Art Gallery, Parisa Pahlevan, said that the first phase of the exhibition was held in Turin in Italy on October 26 to November 7, showcasing artworks of 70 Iranian artists.

Behnam Kamrani, an Iranian artist and university professor, said that the exhibition in Tehran is displaying a set of artworks created by Fornaresio, whose works have been viewed throughout the world.

The exhibition consists of a collection of artworks on the golden ratio in the human body by the Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci, which has been produced by the artist in an attractive way. These adaptations, while referring to the history of Italian art, also emphasize the artist’s different perceptions, he added.

The exhibition ""Goconde”" will continue until November 29.