The exhibition of Sateen's second annual works started on Friday, October 7, 2021 at the Saba Cultural and Artistic Institute. In this exhibition, more than 300 artworks in five fields of painting, sculpture, hand printing, photography and neo-arts have been displayed in the Melli (national) and Khiyal Sharghi (Eastern Dream) galleries of Saba Institute.

The works were judged by 13 art professors in two stages, and in the end, about 300 works by 150 artists reached the stage.

The second annual Sateen Visual Arts is held in a non-competitive manner and the jury in each section nominates two people as recipients of the Satin Support Scholarship.

The aside section of the second annual of Sateen  is dedicated to the display of works by Afghan artists. In this section, 50 works by 25 Afghan artists living in Iran and Afghanistan in the fields of painting, drawing, video art, etc. are exhibited.

Satin Annual is held in the second period with the spiritual support of Eco Cultural Institute and Farshchian University of Arts.