The opening ceremony of the exhibition was held in the presence of foreign ambassadors residing in Brasilia as well as Brazilian federal authorities at the Museu de Arte de Brasília, knowns as MAB.

Iran’s Ambassador to Brazil Hossein Qaribi and Brazilian officials presented lectures during the opening ceremony.

Qaribi talked about the gradual return of normal life in Brazil following the COVID-19 pandemic, saying that the art exhibit is an appropriate opportunity and a significant step in resuming cultural exchanges between Iran and Brazil.

He further noted the artworks of this collection are only a small part of the Iranian capital’s artworks.

Referring to Iran’s 7,000 years of civilization and its impact on human civilization, the ambassador argued that the Iranian culture and art have constantly flourished, especially following the advent of the holy religion of Islam in the ancient country.

“Iran is considered to be the cradle of culture, art, literature, and social traditions, which had their roots in the daily lives of Iranians with different tendencies,” he said.

Qaribi gave importance to coincidence of the International Day of Peace and the opening of the exhibition, adding that art is the international language of communication, which connects all human beings.

“All nations from around the world have cultural treasures, which could be utilized to enrich the life of today’s mankind,” he added.

Secretary of Culture and Creative Economy Bartolomeu Rodrigues expressed gratitude to Iranians, highlighting the expansion of cultural cooperation between Brazil and Iran.

Rodrigues said that he is very pleased to see a foreign embassy holding such exhibition in Brasilia following the pandemic.

All art lovers in the Latin American city of Brasilia can visit the exhibition free of charge until the end of October.

Source: Iran Daily