A virtual exhibition of works by; Mays al-Moosawi and Haneen al-Moosawi entitled "You" is now on the gallery site.

These two artists from Oman have their created works with different perspectives and approaches. Mays al-Moosawi, a Muscat artist, studied illustration in the UK and focuses on female figures from the perspective of the community in which she grew up. The stories and challenges that women experience in society have greatly influenced the identity and personality of her work.

Women in this artist's works are simply depicted with outline lines, as if the artist had placed his pencil on paper and moved freely to create the shape of the body and the objects around. The importance of line as an element that has shaped all forms is evident in these works.

These women are often alone, in a simple setting that shows limited elements of the home environment. The remarkable thing about these bodies is the deformation, the sharp twists and turns that take them away from the natural state. It seems that overcoming difficult circumstances and various limitations has caused these women to change shape and lose their existential originality. The tonality of the warm colors, which are placed next to each other and separated by border lines, form the figure and the space in the same way, and the flatness of the colors makes the figure more uniform and connected with the surrounding environment.

گالری اکنون

Haneen al-Moosawi is a product designer graduated from the United Kingdom. ‘ I have a calm and quiet personality and I found a way to express my feelings freely in works of art. It helps me live in the moment’. She said about her artsy activity.

Her works are something between abstract geometric art and minimalism, and she uses collage, design and digital tools to create them. In her designs, Hanin creates diverse and dynamic combinations by limiting visual elements to line and dot. Thin lines, carefully and calculatedly placed in parallel, have been able to dimension and even become volumes as they move closer and closer to each other. These wavy surfaces sometimes move smoothly in space like crumpled fabrics and sometimes reside in space like solid rocks. The distance and proximity of these lines have created all kinds of grays, and the only place where black shows its presence with emphasis and seriousness is in one or two small circles that can be seen in connection with these fluid lines. None of these levels and volumes become a specific form and are not associated with any familiar element in the viewer's mind. The minimal presence of visual elements along with the empty and wide space around, has been able to create a relaxing atmosphere without engaging the audience's eyes with various visual effects.

گالری اکنون