The center was launched in cooperation with the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism.

The center is the historical house of Colonel Iraj, a colonel in the Pahlavi era.

The house is one of the most beautiful historical mansions dating back to the Qajar Era. Colonel Iraj’s house was used for filming in recent years.

The center is a space for creative, educated, innovative and professional young people to implement their ideas in a completely friendly and creative environment and achieve intellectual growth.

Since scientific and cultural ideas help the country’s tourism industry, this center has been set up to update and create innovation in tourism by examining the needs of tourism and cultural heritage sectors to attract more tourists and eventually lead to economic growth and better introduction of the country.

The center is responsible for accepting owners of novel ideas, holding entrepreneurship and startup events, helping create and nurture innovative ideas, directing ideas towards implementation through consultation, encouraging research and knowledge-based businesses, consulting for legal support to protect intellectual property rights, supporting and advising owners of ideas to implement their ideas, supporting localization and implementation of ideas to meet the needs of organizations, universities and the private sector.

Source: Iran Daily