She was hospitalized at Amir Alam Hospital for a few days, but did not respond to treatment and finally died, Persian media announced.

Fakhar-Monfared born in Rey in 1953, learned Persian painting, also called miniature painting, from masters such as Susan Abadi and Ali Eshraqi.

She then began to improve her skills in illumination, gol-o-morgh, lacquer painting, stained painting and watercolor from Biuk Ahmari.

She also received instruction from master miniaturist Ali Moti (1915-2009), who lived for years in the United States.

In 2005, Fakhar-Monfared and a number of Moti’s students organized an exhibition at the Khial Gallery of the Saba Art and Cultural Center to express their gratitude to Moti’ for teaching them the wonderful art of Persian painting.

“He taught his students very generously and had a hero-like spirit. He was also flexible about his students’ criticism,” said Fakhar-Monfared, who studied with master Moti’ for seven years, at that time.

Fakhar-Monfared also showcased her works at dozens of exhibitions in Iran and abroad.

Deputy Culture Minister for Artistic Affairs Seyyed Mojtaba Hosseini offered his condolences to Fakhar-Monfared’s family and friends in a message published on Friday.

“She worked hard for the Iranian and Islamic art and showed concern for the development of this genre of art and did her best in this way,” he said.

Source:Tehran Times