Video art by Anita Hashemi Moghaddam is being shown in several parts of Tokyo these days. This 15-second video art is part of the "15seconds museum" project, in which works by artists from different countries are displayed alternately in the urban space.

 NEO Shibuya TV under the slogan "Share Your Imaginations", the artists' digital works are displayed on 9 large digital screens and 85 small digital screens in Shibuya, Tokyo, so that pedestrians crossing the streets can see a large number of works in a short time. 

The special ward of Shibuya, is famous for its enormous and crowded pedestrian crossing, it’s hundreds of fashion stores, neon signs, and giant screens; its lively atmosphere with music being played everywhere. And two of the major railways in the planet.

Those screens generally show commercial footages of major companies. However this project will show new media clips for 15-30 seconds. Offering an alternative for artists to be discovered outside the social media realm and the war against algorithms.

screens are popular and its lively atmosphere attracts attention.

This 15-second period of the museum event begins on July 19 and lasts until July 25.

Anita Hashemi Moghaddam Born in 1982 in Tehran. Trained in Tehran and graduating with a Master of Arts in Illustration  in 2003.