An exhibition titled, ‘50 Years of Metalworking,’ featuring artworks by Iran’s veteran and young artists of qalamzani (Persian engraving on metals), opened at the Research Center of the Traditional Arts of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism on Tuesday.

The exhibition was inaugurated in presence of the head of the research center, Seyyed Abdolmajid Sharifzadeh.

Due to the increase in coronavirus infection in Iran, the exhibition is underway for 15 days until July 21 on the social networking service, Instagram.

The exhibition includes 136 ancient and invaluable works of qalamzani made via different techniques and its amalgamation with minakari (enameling) and filigree.

The works were inspired by designs of great Iranian artists including Mahmoud Dehnavi, Ahmad Finastian, Hassan Khajeh-Shirani, Kheirollah Karimian, Reza Pooshideh-Namjoo, Mehdi Hakimi, Jamal Paknejad, Abbas Bayat, and Asghar Seidi.

The exhibition also put on display the works by artists of the research center such as Amirreza Saiedi, Koroush Qanooni, Neda Hamedi, Nasrin Hamzehloo, Fatemeh Zibania, and Mehri Finastian.


Source: Iran Daily