According to Alimohammad Tarafdari, Iran will officially join the international museum to introduce Iranian and Islamic art and architecture.

Museum with No Frontiers | Digital meets CultureHe expressed hope that by becoming an MWNF member, new gateways will be opened to improve Iranology.

MWNF is an international non-profit organization founded on the initiative of Eva Schubert in 1995 in the context of the Barcelona Process Euro-Mediterranean Partnership relaunched as the Union for the Mediterranean).

MWNF provides a platform that enables all partners to interact productively and contribute to a transnational presentation of history, art, and culture based on equal voices and the equal visibility of all concerned.

For that purpose, MWNF develops exhibition formats that do not require moving the artworks, but instead, artifacts in museums, monuments, and archaeological sites are presented in situ (Exhibition Trails) or in a virtual environment (the MWNF Virtual Museum).

Source:Mehr News