The head of Qom Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts Department, Alireza Arjmandi, briefed the CHTN reporter on the details of the artwork, saying that the diameter of each page of this holy book, which is being made by the stone mosaic artist, Seyyed Hossein Mirehei, is two millimeters.

All the process of making is done by hand, he explained. 

Mentioning that the entire making process of mosaic stone Qur’an is completely innovative and extremely difficult, the official added it is the first of its kind.

Master Seyyed Hossein Mirehei has previously made two stone chandeliers for the holy shrines of Imam Ali and Imam Hussein (PBUT), the first and third Shia Imams in Najaf and Karbala respectively, the official said.

The two donated artworks are unique and unparalleled, he said.

Source: Iran Daily