In both virtual and traditional face-to-face sections, the exhibition will be launched on June 5 and be run until June 11 on the occasion of the international day at the Haj Kamal Caravanserai, said the head of Robat Karim Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts Department, Hamid Karimi, CHTN reported.
The official said that in the exhibition, the handicraft products of artists in the fields of turnery, wood mosaics, known as monabat-kari, woodcurving, inlay, known as khatam or Khatam-kari as well as handicrafts including traditional musical instruments and precious and semi-precious stone carvings will be on display and for sale.
The exhibition aims to promote traditional arts by supporting the direct sale of handicraft artists' products, Karimi said.
Source: Iran Daily