The first exhibition named “The Concealed over the Revealed” will open on June 8 to review the connections between science and art in Persian painting, TMCA director Ehsan Aqai said in a press conference on Tuesday.

  Another exhibit entitled “Persona” will put a collection of Warhol’s artworks of the museum on view on June 15.

“Our intention is to present a different perspective of Andy Warhol’s artworks, hence, it is titled ‘Persona’,” explained exhibition curator Amir Rad. 

He further explained that the idea is to show Warhol’s multiple characters in order to reveal his true image so that a more accurate understanding of his character can be established by ignoring other levels of his personality that are already known.

Established in 1977, the TMCA is home to works by many august artists of the West, including Claude Monet, Francis Bacon, and Pablo Picasso, and notable in the world for its historical narration of art with the largest collection of Western art that exists in the East.