A work by Ali Delzendehrooy reached the finals of the professional section of the Fini International Competition in 2021. This competition is held every year by the Department of Culture of the National University of Mexico(Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo), with different topics.

In this period of the competition, the main theme is "water" and in both professional and student groups, works in alternative techniques, feature films, short films, etc. participate in this competition.

 Delzendehrooy said 'This poster is called "Water", the soul of existence and life using the yellow background colour, I alarmed about the lack of water. The colour of the water-containing bag, which is in the foreground and in the middle of the frame, is in the blue colour spectrum and is relatively opposite to the background.A confrontation that shows the focus on the importance of water. But the use of blood bag form indicates that water for drinking, washing, etc. helps to preserve human life; So it is not worth less than blood, In fact, all beings in the universe are dependent on water'.

Ali Delzendehrooy is an Iranian visual artist & graphic designer with seven years of experience in journalism and the founder of the first virtual artistic international festival in Iran. He is also the chief executive officer of Afdesta studio and art gallery Ali is graduated in graphic design and a member of the Iranian graphic designers association IGDS & member of the Iranian Painters’ Association.

He started his professional career as a graphic designer and art director for different companies cultural events since 2002 His works have been exhibited in several national and international festivals. Ali was also an art and corporate identity mentor of several startup weekends.