The opening ceremony will be attended only by a few artists and journalists.

The art center will be open to the public from February 3.

Mozaffari made the remark at a press conference on Tuesday, attended by Deputy Minister of Culture for Art Affairs Mojtaba Hosseini.

He added that the database of the museum works is now complete, and 3,282 artworks gained proof of identity.

A total of 705 contemporary artworks were added to the art collection, he added.

“As of the January reopening, one part of the museum will always be dedicated to displaying its treasures, and the other part to temporary exhibitions of artworks, said the director of the museum, Ehsan Aqaei.

Referring to the opening of two art exhibitions coinciding with the reopening of the museum, he said: “The title of one of these exhibitions is ‘Gift,’ featuring artworks donated by the late Manijeh Miremadi and Jamshid Nasseri.”

The second exhibition is a conceptual photography exhibition relating to the 1968 protests in Paris and protests against the Vietnam War in the United States. “Painting is dead” became the mantra that was sung by the protesting artists in order to differentiate themselves from their predecessors and to end the monarchy of painting.

Aqaei also expressed hope that the virtual tour of the museum will be added soon on the museum’s website.

Established in 1977, the museum is notable in the world for its historical narration of art, with the largest collection of Western art that exists in the Orient.

Source: Iran Daily