According to the public relations of the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO, the works of the First International Silk Road Calligraphy Exhibition (Pen Dance) were displayed in a ceremony attended by the people of culture, art and media through Video Mapping on the Azadi Tower. In this celebration of Light, which was held on the evening of January 25, 2021, works by artists from 30 countries were displayed on the Azadi Tower, and those interested can watch these works for four nights from 18:30 to 20:00. Also, before the beginning of the celebration of Light, the exhibition of the Qalam-e Mehr was opened.

Seyed Abbas Azimi, the head of Azadi Tower, said at the opening ceremony that: "We established a collection of works by thirty veteran artists in 6 days in Azadi Collection called Qalam-e Mehr."Also, he praised the present veteran artists and explained: "We have collected about 87 works from the experts and I hope that Azadi Tower can host the works of great artists."

Hojjatullah Ayoubi, Secretary-General of the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO, also stated at the ceremony: "What an honor to serve the people of culture and art and showing the artistic creations of the land with pride to the world."

He mentioned: "In addition to inviting you to visit the works of artists from different countries in the UNESCO virtual gallery, we will watch the Light Celebration and Pen Dance together. Holding such a Light Celebration was a dream for me. In cities like Lyon, there is such a thing as Light Celebration; We have many buildings and we can invite people to watch cultural and artistic works in the form of Video Mapping.

The Secretary-General of the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO, stating that since March of last year, we have put various programs on the agenda, stressed: the boundaries of VR and real life have been removed and mixed. In March of last year, we published a call for love treats for music and graphics in honor of the medical staff; We also invited artists to participate in Instagram Live Programs.

Ayoubi continued: "Pen Dance Exhibition was one of these measures in such difficult time to see the works of Iranian and world artists."

Others do not wait for us and want to take our place, and sometimes newcomers try to pass us.

He continued by stating that 300 artists sent their works to the first international exhibition of the calligraphy of the Silk Road and such trust demonstrates that Iran is the origin of calligraphy. Also, the International Conference of Calligraphy “Pen Dance” with the presence of 30 Artists and presentations articles were held which shows that the art of calligraphy is alive, efficient, and popular in the world.

The Secretary-General of the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO stated: In selecting the section of Iranian works, we asked the Calligraphers Association to send us the best ones; These works, of course, were a drop in the ocean of art of Iran, and we hope to see all the works of young calligraphers and other artists in another situation.

Ayoubi said, "Last night, audiences from China, Japan, Korea, the United States, and Australia visited the virtual gallery,". With the language of culture, art, poetry, and literature, we can conquer the world without any bloodshed; This is the land of the Sun and Light and the shine of philosophy and wisdom.

Along with this ceremony, Master Davood Lavasani simultaneously wrote calligraphy from Saadi Shirazi.

It should be noted that Amir Reza Salari designed and directed this Video Mapping.